Multiple Users on Android – not quite ready for prime time?

There’s an app that I would like to run on my android phone (a Google Pixel). I don’t trust this app as far as I can throw it so I’d like to run it in some secure container (red box – green box style).

Initially I thought I’d create a “work profile” for it with Google MDM or Microsoft Intune. However, Android only allows one “work profile” per Android device and I already have one.

Then I tried “multiple users” and all seemed to be good until I tried to switch back and forth from the primary user to the secondary user. The phone would hang, the launcher would hang, the phone would mysteriously reboot. It also ran through its battery in about 3h (and got really hot).

So that doesn’t work either.

Does anyone have other suggestions for running an application on Android in a secure “container” of some kind, such that it can’t access data from other apps on the phone?

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