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“Hype Cycles” is a blog about things that catch my attention. They will mostly be technical or technological in nature and a reflection of the things that I read, am interested in, or see in my day to day meanderings.

Why the name “Hype Cycles”?

  • Because it is appropriate for what I plan to post on this blog!
  • But equally because this blog was called hypecycles.wordpress.com when I first created it in 2009, and because hypecycles.com is a domain I’ve owned for some time

If you aren’t sure what a Hype Cycle is, here is some more information for you from Wikipedia.

About me

I’m a geek, an entrepreneur, a software developer, a harder tinkerer, and about a dozen other things that I can think of describing myself as. My linkedIn profile gives you some information about me.

I used to work at Tesora, a company I co-founded in 2011. The company was acquired by Strato Scale in January 2017. I do not represent Strato Scale and any comments about Tesora relate to a period of time when I was employed by the company. Those views were my own, and did not purport to represent the views of Tesora, and need not represent the views of Strato Scale.

I work at Verizon Wireless. I do not speak for my employer, all views expressed in this blog are my own.

You can email me at contact at amrith dot org.


You can get a copy of my resume here.

This page was updated on May 3, 2017 to reflect my new employer (Verizon Wireless) and the acquisition of Tesora by Strato Scale.


Amrith Kumar

Entrepreneur, Technologist

I am a technologist with an in-depth knowledge of a variety of areas, who thrives in the thrill and excitement of a fast-paced start-up. These areas include data warehousing, huge file systems, high performance storage, fault tolerant operating systems, high performance computing, distributed computing and high speed networks. I have a breadth of skills in engineering, product and customer management.

Work Experience

Founder, Tulsi Computing. (Entrepreneur)

I am currently assessing the feasibility of a product that would provide dramatic improvements through a highly scalable business model that could itself be offered as a service (in the cloud).

Dataupia Inc.

Responsible for product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle. Anticipate and react to major market and technology changes, to ensure that the technology and product supports Dataupia’s overall strategy and goals.

Sepaton Inc

Managed the core development team responsible for key components of the VTL product and the DS2 product family.


Managed key technology initiatives at IBRIX (acquired by HP in 2009).

Netezza Corporation

I established, scaled and managed the software development team responsible for all connectivity products and the sustaining engineering.

Stratus Technologies

This customer-facing technical role in the product development organization, focused on end-to-end product delivery for the Stratus Fault Tolerant products.


Co-Founder, Boston Big Data Summit: The Boston Big Data Summit is a group that I created with Bob Zurek and sponsored by Foley Hoag LLP to bring together professionals in a variety of “Big Data” related fields to foster innovation and help kick start entrepreneurship. The group will host regular meetings and discussions, and an annual conference.

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