An old blog returns

See an update to the content of this post at

This isn’t my ‘new’ blog.

This blog actually started in ~2009 (it was at that time). The page history on the “about” page indicates that it was about July 2009. For several years, it was quite active; through about 2012 when I moved it to a different hosting location and it was then called

Then, it went mostly dormant and about a year ago I shut it down. Unfortunately at that point, I didn’t bother to save the old posts and things so all of that is gone.


I use a service from and that has enabled me to go back and look at some of this history. I enabled statcounter in ~October 2009 on and the graph below shows daily traffic to the sites over time (through today).

So, in a sense this is the rebirth of an old blog. With a new URL (

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