Experts say facebook while driving more dangerous than DUI!

From an article in the Connecticut Post, see complete article here.

Really, we need a study by experts to tell us this?

In addition to the new law in Massachusetts, here are some other tough laws about distracted driving.

New Jersey: the “Kulesh, Kubert and Bolis Law,” after three distracted-driving victims.

The bill allows prosecutors to charge drivers who kill or injure someone with vehicular cellphone or assault by auto. It makes driving while illegally using the phone “reckless” instead of “careless” driving, a necessary change to allow for vehicular homicide, a felony, to be charged.


Utah law treats driving while intoxicated with a .08 blood-alcohol level and driving while using a handheld cellphone the same.

Penalties can be as harsh as 15 years in prison.


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