A brief hiatus, and we’re back!

Since early last year when I posted my last blog entry, I’ve been a bit “preoccupied”. Around that time, I started in earnest on getting a start-up off the ground. It was a winding road, and I did not get around to writing anything on this blog. Over the past several months, I have been resurrecting this blog.

The old blog (there’s still a shell there) was called Hypecycles (https://hypecycles.wordpress.com) and try as I might, I could not get http://www.hypecycles.com for this blog.

What’s with “Pizza and Code”?

The last eighteen or so months have been spent getting ParElastic off the ground. The quintessential startup is two guys working in the garage, and subsisting on Pizza! The software startup is therefore two things, Pizza and Code!

What’s ParElastic?

ParElastic is a startup that is building elastic database middleware for the cloud. Want to know more about ParElastic? Go to http://www.parelastic.com. Starting ParElastic has been an incredible education, one that can only be acquired by actually starting a company.

Over the next couple of blog posts, I will quickly cover the two or so years from mid 2009 to the present.



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