Punishment must fit the crime

I regularly read Dr. Dobbs Code Talk and noticed this article today. What caught my attention was not the article itself, but rather the first response to the article from Jack Woehr.

Reproduced below is a screen shot of the page that I read and Jack’s comments. Really, I ask you, is C# all that bad?

2 thoughts on “Punishment must fit the crime”

  1. I think this is more an old school programmer looking down on anything that isn’t C or Assembler (especially looking at his photo). There is a strong bias in some programming circles; I mean I have a friend who looks down on Ruby developers cause it isn’t Java (and he has an inferiority complex to embedded folks). It’s just silly. Whatever gets the job done. Being too tied to anything makes you blind (I think we both learned that)

    Unless its Perl. That is one language that should be abolished.


    1. Now Now! Isn’t that going a little too far?

      I know what happened to you when you took a swipe at Perl, the nut jobs came out of the woodwork. Now, do you have to do that again?

      But, I have to admit, I tried to learn Perl at around the same time when my only access to my system was on a dialup line. Debugging became really hard because I couldn’t tell the line noise from the code 🙂



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